Paint works

Renovation work at the customer`s house

Summer gottage paintwork

Wallpaper works

Landscape wallpaper

Interior mortar

Mandala wall   

Jinx Crow Mc Helsinki`s Kitchen uptade. 


Compass wall, Helsinki

The new look of the House, Espoo

Fireplace update


Graining examples

Set Pieces

"Suurin Pudottaja" 2019  (Biggest Loser) Set pieces

Time machine exhibition, Helsinki City museum

Ship building

Roof Dome

Graining in Caribbean cruiser
Graining in Caribbean cruiser

Roof Panel 


Various works from Rock Solid painting

Living room update

Toilet Makeover. Desing by Rock Solid. Helsinki

Golden Elvis

Painting from grey brick to red

Sahara Effect paint

3d alumin bamboo